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Ms Priyanka
Assistant Professor
Department of Commerce, St Aloysius College, (Autonomous), Mangaluru 575003
Email Id: priyanka.bondel@gmail.com
Phone Number: 9972725203

Educational Qualification
M.Com, Mangalore University, 2014.
NET, 2017

Research Publications
1. “A new trend on mobile marketing and its effects on consumer behavior- A study in Mangalore city” presented at srinivas college ISBN NO:978-81-929306.
2. “A perception of youth on corruption-A study in Mangalore City” presented at canara college on 3rd and 4th January 2014 ISBN no: 978-81-927561-4-1.
3. “changing trends in rurl marketing ” at national conference held by Mangalore university on 29 and 30th april,2016 ISBN No:978-93-84262-24-2

Research Presentations in seminars
1. “Branding in global Market with reference to – Mangalore city” SDMCBM, Mangalore, 3rd march 2017.
2. “Conceptualisation, Implementation and promotion of make in India programm to transfer the nation into a global HUB” A.J Institute of Management (AJIM),12-13th April 2017.
3. Presented paper titled “Green banking : moving towards environmental management ” at international conference held at university college Mangalore on 1,2nd and 3rd Feb 2017.
4. Presented paper titled “Changing trends in rural marketing” at national conference held at Mangalore University on 29 and 30 april 2016.
5. Presented paper titled “Adoption of green business by small scale industries – A study in yeyyadi industrial estate, Mangalore” at national conference held at canara college on 23 and 24 jan 2014.
6. Presented paper titled “Enhancing women’s leadership in corporate sector, Mangalore” at national conference held at SDM college on 13th feb 2015.
7. Presented paper titled “Closing leadership gap- women on power – A study in Mangalore university” at national conference on 22 and 23 april 2014.
8. Presented paper titled “the role of micro finance in india ” the national conference held at canara college held on 29 and 30th jan 2016.
9. Paper presented titled “role of corporate in fostering social entrepreneurship” at national conference held by st. Agnes college (autonomous) Mangalore on 23 and 24 nov 2015.
10. Presented paper titled “ Multiculturalism in globalisation“ besent womens college on oct 29, 2015
11. Presented paper titled “fostering employee education at work place ” national seminar organised by St. Aloysius College (Autonomous) on 22 and 23 sept 2015.
12. Presented paper titled “Importance of corporate governance in business ” international conference organised by st Aloysius college (Autonomous) AIMIT on 21 march 2016.
13. Presented paper titled “ HR practices in tourism and hospitality” national conference organised by mangalore university 5 and 6 march 2015.
14. Paper presented titled “comparative study of youth preference on local eaters and international food chains in the city mangalore ” organised by mangalore university held on 30 and 31 march 2017.

Seminars/Workshops attended
1. Participated in national seminar on “” effectual disaster management in india-with special reference to Dakshina kannada organised by besent evening college held on 17 dec 2013.
2. Attended research methodology workshop at mangalore university 5 th and 6th march 2016.