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Founded in 1880, St Aloysius College is the oldest college in this part of the country. It is a Christian Minority Institution run by Jesuit Fathers. Although the Institution is run primarily for the education of catholic youth, the institution also caters to all students without distinction of caste, colour creed and language. It gives special preference for the students belonging to SC/ST and socio-economically marginalized group.

St. Aloysius College is managed by Mangalore Jesuits Educational Society (MJES), which runs 16 institutions. SAC aims at an integral formation of the youth, striving to form individuals who are academically competent, morally strong, artistically accomplished, physically fit, socially concerned and personally balanced.

St Aloysius College has been conferred with autonomous status in the year 2007. The College has adopted credit based semester system for the U.G. and P.G. Courses. Autonomy has bestowed this college with academic freedom to prescribe syllabus, design new courses and subjects of study. It has given the college the freedom to frame rules, bylaws and regulations, freedom to start honors, diploma and certificate courses both at U.G and P.G. level under the seal of the college and the freedom to devise methods of evaluation. Each student is encouraged to take part in the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

This premier institution has been at the service of the youth of Mangalore and its environs, as an educational institution run by the Mangalore Jesuit Educational Society, for the education, formation and professional preparation of young people of all castes, creeds and communities without any discrimination. However, as a minority institution it gives priority to the empowerment of the Christian community. And as an institution run by the Jesuits it places a special accent on preferential option for the poor.

With over 13,000 students, boys and girls, from primary to post graduate classes, the campus is knows for its salubrious atmosphere, community culture, excellence in teaching, high degree of discipline, deep mutual respect, abiding spirit of tolerance, strong appreciation for all cultures, deep reverence for all religions, intense attachment to ethical values, state of the art facilities, multiplicity of avenues for all round growth of the individual and efficient as well as enlightened administration, drawing appreciative accolades from the University as well as governmental bodies.

Our Patron St Aloysius is an inspiration and exemplar for all who come to this campus. Born in a noble family and brought up in relative comfort, this medieval young Italian soon grew tired of living in the lap of luxury, and offered himself to the service of the poor and destitute by joining the Jesuit Order. He died at the age of 23, a victim of charity and service of the poor, having contracted plague while ministering to the plague stricken in Rome. His integrity of life, his inner strength, his noble ideals, his self discipline, his immense compassion and his tremendous concern for the poor are held up for emulation by our students.



Fr Stanislaus J D’ Souza, SJ  President, MJES  Fr. Stanislaus D' Souza
Fr Dionysius Vas SJ Vice President  
Fr Winnifred Denzil Lobo SJ Treasurer & Secretary  
Fr Ivan Mendonca, SJ Member  Fr Ivan Mendonca
Fr Francis Menezes, SJ Member Francis Menezes 
Fr Johnson Pinto SJ Member Johnson Pinto 
Fr Vincent Pinto SJ Member  Fr Vincent Pinto
Rev Dr Praveen Martis S J Principal  
Fr Leo D’Souza Member
Fr Leo D'Souza
Fr Michael John, SJ Member  Michael John
Fr Walter Andrade,SJ Member  Fr Walter Andrade
Fr Leo Pereira SJ Member  Leo Pereira
Fr Melwyn D’Cunha SJ Member  Fr Melwyn D'Cunha
Fr Pradeep Sequeria,SJ Member  Fr Pradeep
Fr Melwin Mendonca,SJ Member  Fr. Melwin Mendonca
Fr William Marcel Rodrigues,SJ Member  Fr. William Marcel
Fr Alphonse Fernandes, SJ Member  Fr Alphonse
Fr Joseph D’Souza,SJ Member  Fr Joseph D' Souza
Fr John Crasta,SJ Member  Fr. John