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PG Department of Biochemistry, St. Aloysius College, offers a practical laboratory-based two-year course in Biochemistry. The course is aimed at applying the molecular approaches of chemistry to the vast variety of biological systems. This course offers a syllabus with its main emphasis on the basic concepts of life and reasons for various life processes.

Recognizing tremendous opportunities in this area of scientific study, St. Aloysius College ventured into the field of Biochemistry as the first college in Dakshina Kannada District to start an undergraduate course in the year 1999. When autonomy status was awarded, the M.Sc. Biochemistry course affiliated to Mangalore University was started in the year 2008.

Biochemists work at all levels and with all types of biological organisms, ranging from bio-molecules to man. Biochemistry offers the tremendous challenge of seeking to understand the most fundamental of life’s processes at the molecular level, and to utilise this knowledge for the benefit of mankind. This is a very exciting time to study biochemistry because many important discoveries are being made each day. There is a large demand for scientists – the Government wants more scientists and technologists in all walks of life to take advantage of recent advances in knowledge. A Masters in Biochemistry can prepare one for diverse careers including teaching and research in hospitals and medical fields, in the food and drink industries, in agriculture and in pharma industry.

Candidates who have passed the three year B.Sc. degree examination of Mangalore University or any other University considered as equivalent thereto with Biochemistry/Chemistry as optional/major/special subject and Any Two of the following subjects Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Pharmacognoacy and Chemistry as major / optional / minor / subsidiary subject are eligible for the programme provided they have secured a minimum of 45% (40% for SC/ST/Category-I candidates) marks in Biochemistry /Chemistry.

 OBJECTIVES: The aim of the Masters in Biochemistry program is to provide an understanding of every aspect of the structure and function of living things at the molecular level. The scheme of syllabus, instruction, examination, evaluation etc. has been prepared with the following objectives in mind:

  • To provide state of art knowledge and skills in the field of Biochemistry.
  • To generate manpower trained in Biochemistry suited to meet the needs of research institutions/industry / academia.
  • To have a positive impact on human and animal health, agriculture and environment in the region.
  • To have 100 % placement for all the students who take up this course.

Biomolecules, Biochemical techniques, Organic & physical Biochemistry, Physiology and nutrition, Bioquantitation (Lab Course I), Analytical techniques (Lab Course II) – Seminar

Enzymology, Clinical Toxicology, Metabolism, Nitrogen Metabolism and Plant Biochemistry, Biokinetics (Lab course III), Metabolism & Clinical Biochemistry (Lab course IV), Seminar

Biochemistry in Health (CBSS), Molecular Biology, Cellular Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Cell & Molecular Biology (Lab course V), Biotechnology (Lab course VI), Seminar

Immunology, Genetic engineering, Molecular Genetics, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Biocalculations & informatics (Lab course VII). Research Project – Seminar

1.M.Sc Biochemistry Lab I
2.M.Sc Biochemistry Lab II
3.Research Lab
4.Animal tissue culture lab
5.Plant tissue culture lab
6.Microbial culture lab


UV-Visible spectrophotometer(Varian)
Microplate Reader-Thermo scientific
Western blotting unit-Lifetechnology
Electrophoresis unit-Life technology
Inverted microscope
Cold Centrifuge
Bio-safety cabinet
Laminar air flow
Dancing shaker
Soxhlet extractor
Vacuum pumps
Flash evaporators
Vertical freezer(-20°C)
Dissection microscopes
Water baths
pH meters
Hot air ovens
Heating mantles

National Seminars/ Lecture workshops/Hands on workshops
1.National Seminar- “Natural vs Synthetic Drugs” A Medicinal Approach sponsored by UGC in association with SBC (Madikeri Chapter) 30th September 2014.
2.The Department of Botany and M.Sc Biochemistry, St Aloysius College is organized a one day workshop on “Biochemical Techniques”on 31st July 2014. sponsored by DBT, Govt. of India,Under the Star college Scheme, with an aim to provide a forum for under graduate students to get expertise in the field of Biochemical Techniques. About 30 undergraduate students were participated in this Workshop.
3.Organized One day training Programme on “Biochemical Techniques”on September 11th 2013-for UG students.
4.Hands on Training workshop on Biochemical techniques to UG students. Feb & Mar 2013- Organized in association with UG Biochemistry SAC.
5.National Seminar- “Biomolecules and Biocatalysts in Bioprocess” sponsored by DBT in association with SBC (Madikeri Chapter)Mar 8/9th 2012 Organized in association with UG Biochemistry SAC.
6.We Joined with PG Biotech as resource persons in Hands- on Practical Training Workshop on Bio-techniques conducted for Faculty and Students of St Agnes College, 5-8 November 2012.
7.Science academies sponsored Lecture workshop on “GENES, GENOMICS & PROTEOMICS” ON 28TH & 29TH Jan 2011. Total 250 participants from 11 colleges in and around Mangalore including Research scholars, Life science faculty and Students from P.G. and U.G. sections had participated in this lecture series.

Guest lectures
•Mr.Narayan Bhide, Renowned Enterpreneur, Ujire, On Enterprenuership & Life-5/08/15.
•Guest lecture by Dr.Suresh, Department of Bioscience, Mangalore University, on Nuclear receptors -19/10/15
•Guest lecture by Dr.Suresh, Department of Bioscience, Mangalore University, on “Manuscript Writing”- 16/12/15
•Dr. Muniyappa, Dept of Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Topic:- ” The Concept of Research”- 4/02/16.
•Guest talk by Dr.Santhosh, Assistant Prof, P.G.Dept of Biotechnology,Shivamoga University on the topic “Preparation for Competitive Exams”
•Dr.Muthukumar,Dept of Biochemistry
•Dr. Sarojini B.K, Dept. of Chemistry, PA college of engineering, Mangalore on “Research carrier after post graduation”.
•Dr. Cletus D’Souza, Dept of studies in Biochem, Mysore on “Statistics for Biologists”.
•Dr. Premalatha Shetty, Director, Euchem Biologicals Pvt Ltd, Manipal on “Immunological Disorders”
•Dr. Kemparaju, Dept of studies in Biochem, Mysore on “Integration of Carbohydrate & Lipid metabolism”
•Dr. Nagalakshamma, Dept of Botany, St. Aloysius College on Molecular Genetics Series of lectures).
•Mr. Lanwin Lobo, Dept of Bioinformatics, AIMIT, Beeri on Bioinformatics( Series of lectures).
Students Achievements
Paper presentation by Students:- 2014-2015
Chayalatha,Manisha & Bhavya D K- 7th KSTA Conference-Science,Technology & Productization-A Means for growth –Feb 5-6th 2015. Presented poster on “ Investigation of Phytoconstituents of methanolic extract of Ophiorrhiza rugosa wall(root) Using UV, HPTLC and its Hepatoprotective property”.

Dechamma P D,Reshma,Pearl & Bhavya D K- 7th KSTA Conference-Science,Technology & Productization-A Means for growth –Feb 5-6th 2015. Presented poster on “Evaluation Of Protein Antiglycation Activity of Eucalyptus globulus and Plectranthus amboinicus”.

Chayalatha,Manisha & Bhavya D K-“Natural Vs Synthetic drugs”-30th sep -2014. Presented Poster on “Investigation of Phytoconstituents of methanolic extract of Ophiorrhiza rugosa wall(root) Using GC-MS and Thrombolytic activity”. (Secured 2nd prize )

Dechamma P D,Reshma& Pearl -“Natural Vs Synthetic drugs”-30th sep -2014. Presented poster on “Evaluation of Phytochemicals from the Leaves Of Eucalyptus globulus and Plectranthus amboinicus”

Suman A M, Pooja Purushu Nair, Swarnalatha B N-“Natural Vs Synthetic drugs”-30th sep -2014. Presented poster on “Comparative Phytochemical Analysis Of Justicia wynadensis and Citrullus vulgaris”.

Ms Dechamma P D, Ms. Chayalatha,Ms. Suman A M, Ms.Divyalaxmi Kamath, Ms. Melita Evan D’Souza were participated in Karnataka science and technology academy Special Lecture Series.Organized by Department of Biosciences,Mangalore University- 28 to 30th October 2014.

Divya and Kanthi were awarded Merit scholarship by St Aloysius College

The following students participated and won prizes at “Analyst” an National-level Inter-collegiate event organized by Dept. of Chemistry, SAC-2015:
Quiz- Cyble Melinda Sequiera and Neha Fernandes
Photography- Sumanth Acharya (Won second place)
Treasure hunt- Melita Evan D’Souza and Reshma T V
Seminar- Bhagyashree Patil
Rangoli- Vijayalakshmi and Pallavi
Collage- Jhansi Sequiera and Archana Puthran
Star of Analyst – Manjari Joshi
Lab Event- Divyalaxmi Kamath and Dechamma P D

Ume Salma and Veeksha Shetty participated and secured second place in Mehendi competition.
Bhagyashree Patil and Prathibha Kini participated and secured second place in Nail art competition.
Manjari Joshi participated and secured first place in photography.
Archana Puthran and Neha Fernandes participated and secured first place in Fashion designing.
Dechamma P D participated and secured first place in Painting.
Rural Service:
1st year M.Sc. students went on a rural exposure trip to Mundugod . They were accompanied by Ms. Alveera.
The poster presentation in State level KSTA scientific conference at Mysore, , titled “Serum Uric acid and phosphate ratio as a predictive marker for prostate disorders” by Joylin , Prabhavathi , Sudha K and Madhu L N PG. Dept of Biochemistry, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore-575003 (Awarded 2nd Prize).
Team of 5 students participated in Regional level lecture series organized by PG studies in Biosciences,in association with KSTA, Mangalore.
2-Students Cleared K-SET Examination-2013,one student Cleared GATE-2012,one student cleared UGC- NET-2011.
Team of 5 students participated in Regional level lecture series organized by PG studies in Zoology ,in association with KSTA, Mangalore.
2012-2014 Batch students participated in various competation and won many prizes in “Sangam”, the Annual PG day competitions 2014, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore. Swaroop S Achar and Ajeya of II year secured Second place in Aptitude Analysis test in Analyst 2014, an intercollegiate science competition on 6/2/2014, organized by M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.
M.Sc II yr team Rachana K, Ankisha rai, Wilson Joel Rodrigus & Cynthia Lobo secured First place in “Infovision 2K12” a National level IT & Science model exhibition, organized by AIMIT, Mangalore, during 13-14 sep 2012.
Rachana. K of M.Sc II yr secured Best MC award in PG day, SAC 2012-2013.
Sangeeta of M.Sc II yr secured First place in “Agne Visya’ science fest organized by St. Agnes College, mangalore.
Completed student project “Screening of plant extracts for anti-diabetic effect through pancreatic β-cell function stabilization” funded(Rs.30,000/-) by Government of Karnataka, Vision group on Science and Technology, Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology, Science projects in college education (Spice – 011-12).
The poster presentation in UGC sponsored National level scientific conference at Ujire on 17-18/2/2012, Phyto-extracts Mimicking Glucose Uptake Promoting Effect of Insulin by Jibina K.V, Vidya Maroli, Shruthi Uchil, Jobin Jose, Avila D’Silva, PG. Dept of Biochemistry, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore-575003 (Awarded 1st Prize)
The poster presentation in UGC sponsored National level scientific conference at Ujire on 17-18/2/2012, Phytobioactive Molecules as Anti-Diabetic Agents to Control Postprandial Hyperglycemia by Karthika K.T., Chaitra, Lydiya Vandana, Melita Lobo, Avila D’silva, P.G. Dept of Biochemistry, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore-575003.(Awarded 2nd Prize)
The poster presentation in State level scientific conference at Ujire, 8-9/4/2011, titled “Evaluation of antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of Ophiorhiza rugosa” by Aravinda, Suguna p., Sunil Bhat and Bhavya D.K., P.G. Dept of Biochemistry, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore-575003 (Awarded 1st Prize).
Department student team won the Overall Championship in Biospectra-National level PG fest on 9/2/2012 in PG. Department of Biotechnology, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.
1st Prize in model competition in INFO VISION, a state level scientific fest in AIMIT, St. Aloysius College, Beeri Campus, 13-14/9/2011
Department student team won the Overall Championship in Analyst 2011, an intercollegiate science competition on 3/3/2011, organized by M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.
Department has secured Runner-up in “Sangam”, the Annual PG day competitions 2011, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.

Major Research Project
In vitro studies of chemotherapeutic drug sensitivity on acquired radio-resistance breast cancer cells.- Dr. Madhu LN-Funding agency : BRNS, Grant amount Rs. 15,11,750
Minor Research Projects
Invivo anti inflamatory property of Ophiorrhiza rugosa L and analysis of biomarker (Cox-2, PGH, PLA-2, TNF-α)
PI:Ms. Bhavya DK , Funding agency: UGC, Total Grant:3,85,000, Status: Ongoing
Evaluation of action of thyroid hormone in metabolic syndrome induced animal models.
PI: Mrs. Swarnalatha BN, Funding agency:UGC, Total Grant:2,00,000, Status: Completed
In vivo Antiangiogenesis and Tumor Suppressive Property of Thiazole Acetamide Derivatives
PI: Dr. Madhu LN, Funding agency: UGC, Total Grant:2,00,000, Status: Completed
Screening of Plant extracts for anti-diabetic effects through β cell function stabilization
PI: Jibina KV and Jobin Jose, Funding agency: VGST-SPICE, Total Grant:30,000, Status: Completed
Biochemical and phytochemical investigation of Ophioriza rugosa and its medicinal properties.
PI: Ms. Bhavya DK, Funding agency:UGC, Total Grant:1,55,000, Status: Completed
Isolation and characterization of 5’ nucleotidase and its inhibitor from Erlich ascites tumor cells.
PI: Mrs. Avila D Silva, Funding agency: UGC,Total Grant:1,00,000, Status: Completed.
Study on egg yolk lipid lowering effect of avacado fruit extract
PI: Mrs. Avila D’silva, Funding agency: UGC, Total Grant:47,000, Status: Completed
Studies on the effect of Avacado extract on lipid metabolism on murine model system PI: Mrs. Avila D silva, Funding agency:UGC, Total Grant:1,50,000, Status: Completed

1. Vijay R, Vishakh R, Sharmila K P, Madhu L N, Pushpalatha K C, Suchetha Kumari. Effect of Sub lethal dose electron beam irradiation on Swiss albino mice lung: A pilot Study. International Journal for Agro Veterinary and Medical Sciences 2015; 9(2): 51-60.
2. Prakash S. Nayak, B. Narayana, B. K. Sarojini, Jennifer Fernades, B. R. Bharath, L. N. Madhu. Synthesis, molecular docking and biological evaluation of novel bis-pyrazole derivatives for analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities. Medicinal Chemistry Research 2015; DOI 10.1007/s00044-015-1467-9.
3. Shama Rao, Sukanya Shetty, Suchetha Kumari Nalilu, Madhu LN. Radioprotective Properties of Chitosan on Cultured Human Lymphocytes against Electron Beam Radiation. Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science 2015; 5(08):147-151.
4. Viveka S, Madhu LN, Nagaraja GK. Synthesis of new pyrazole derivatives via multicomponent reaction and evaluation of their antimicrobial and antioxidant activities. Monatshefte für Chemie – Chemical Monthly. DOI: 10.1007/s00706-015-1428-5.
5. Shama Rao, Sukanya Shetty, Suchetha Kumari N, Madhu LN, Ganesh Sanjeev. Radioprotective properties of Allium sativum (Garlic) extract on cultured Human lymphocytes against electron beam radiation. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research 2015;7(2): 151-156.
6. Suchetha Kumari N, Madhu L N. Dietary supplementation of Natural and synthetic products reduces anxiety in mice against electron beam radiation induced oxidative stress. Nitte University Journal of Health Sciences 2014;4(3): 28-32.
7. Madhu L N, Suchetha Kumari N, Sarojini B K. Radioprotective effect of 4-amino-4H-1,2,4-triazole-3-thiole against electron beam radiation induced Biochemical and Clastogenic effect. Journal of Pharmacy Research 2014;8(3):400-404
8. Sapna Kumari M, Narayana B, Sarojini BK, Madhu LN. Synthesis of new indazole derivatives as potential antioxidant agent. Medicinal Chemistry Research 2014; 23:2368-2376. DOI: 10.1007/s00044-013-0835-6.
9. Bhavya DK And Krishnamoorthy M “Preliminary Screening of phytochemical and mineral content of chloroform and methanol extracts of Strychnos nux vomica L and Ophiorrhiza rugosa Wall” published in International journal of Pharma and Biosciences Impact factor-0.67.
10. Bhavya DK And Krishnamoorthy M “Phytochemical analysis of chloroform extract of Strychnous nux vomica L seeds using GC – MS and HPTLC” published in International journal of niversal Pharma and Biosciences Impact factor-0.45.
12. Bhavya D.K, Suneel Bhat, Aravindha, and Suguna P “Evaluation of antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of Ophiorrhiza rugosa” Al-Shoadhana.Vol.1 No.1.January 2013,2320-6292,19-25.
13. Asha Abraham, Supriya Pai, Reena Lobo, Lyned D. Lasardo, and Navya (2012) Stems extracts of Tinospora cordifolia induces pancreatic regeneration, promotes insulin secretion and peripheral glucose uptake in streptozotocin diabetic rats. Journal of Herbal Medicine and Toxicology Vol.6, Issue 1.

bhavya DK

Ms. Bhavya D K,  M.Sc, K-SET
Research interests: Cancer biology & Enzymology with Animal model /animal cell lines.
Email ID :- dbcstaloysius@gmail.com, bhavyadk@gmail.com
Publication: 4 , Research Projects: 2
Departmental Blog : http://pgbiochemistrysac.blogs



Mrs. Swarnalatha B.N:- M.Sc, M.Phil,
Area of specialization: Animal biotechnology and Molecular biology
Email id: swarnalatha.bn@gmail.com



Dr.Madhu LN, M.Sc, PhD, K-SET
Email: lnmadhu802@yahoo.com, lnmadhu802@gmail.com
Area of Specialization: Radiation Biology, Cancer Biology, Toxicology, Animal Studies.
Publication: 26, Research Projects: 2


Dr. Lyned Dafny Lasrado, M.Sc, PhD, UGC-CSIR-NET
Email ID: dafnylyned@gmail.com Area of specialization: Carbohydrate degrading enzymes, microbial genetics, probiotics and  prebiotics
Publication: 4


Dr. Roshan Pais, MSc Biochemistry , PhD
Area of specialization :  Immune regulation, subunit vaccine, Symbionts of insects.
Number of publications : 10
Post doctoral experience : Yale University, University of Connecticut, Morehouse school of Medicine.