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Dr Richard Gonsalves
Associate Professor
Vice Principal, Loyola Centre for Research and Innovation
The Director,
DDU Kaushal Kendra, St Aloysius Advanced Research Centre
St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru 575003

Educational Qualification
M.Sc, MA, MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D.

Administrative Work Done
1. HOD of M Sc Analytical and General Chemistry- 2007-2017
2. Student council director for 9 years
3. NAAC Co- ordinator 2009-2014
4. Co-ordinator of Staff formation
5. Director of St. Aloysius Advanced Research Centre
6. NAAC Co- ordinator – Prepared SSR and scrutinized and finalized departmental profiles
7. Co-ordinator of staff formation – organized yearly a six day training program for the staff at the beginning of the year and a 2 day training program in the even semester.

Refresher/Orientation/ Seminars/Workshops attended
1. Attended a two day national workshop on best practices in higher education on 18th and 19th July 2009 organized by Loyola college, Thiruvananthapuram
2. Attended and presented a paper in National conference on recent trends in Chemical Research, held at NITK Surathkal during March 8-10, 2010
3. Attended one day state level seminar on trends in Drug development and Nanotechnology on 18th March 2010 organized by Department of Chemistry, St. Aloysius college.
4. Attended a 2 day National Level Conference on ‘Social Responsibilities of Educational Institutions’ on Sept 7th ,8th Sept 2010 Organized by Canara College, Mangalore
5. Participated in a one day intercollegiate seminar on Green Chemistry for a better world held on Sept 23, 2010 at St. Agnes College
6. Participated in a Research Methodology program on Oct 8th 2010 organized by St. Aloysius College
7. Attended training program on Social Justice in Higher Education on Oct 9th 2010.
8. Participated in a national level workshop cum seminar on Autonomy-Concept Issues and Challenges held on Oct 23, 24 -2010 by St. Aloysius College.
9. Attended a International Workshop on Applications of Nanotechnology to energy, Environment and Biotechnology on Dec 14 -16, 2010 organized by St. Aloysius College.
10. Attended and presented a paper titled ‘Functioning of IQAC at St. Aloysius College at a national seminar organized by Fr. Agnel College, Pilar on July 8,9 -2011.
11. Attended a 2 day national seminar on Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences organized by St. Aloysius college on Jan 23, 24 – 2012
12. Attended a National level seminar on Microbes – Diversity and their Implications organized by
St. Aloysius College on Feb 21, 22 -2012
13. Attended a seminar on “Nanotechnology-the ultimate solution to energy challenges” conducted by the department of physics, St. Aloysius College on 24-2-2012.
14. Attended a seminar on “Women as a catalyst of change” organized by St. Aloysius College on 25-2-2012.
15. Was a member of the organizing committee for the one day inter PU College competitions “Many faces of chemistry, St. Aloysius college on 16-8-2012.
16. Attended a workshop on “Mathematics in Chemistry and Micro scale Chemistry” organized by the Department of Chemistry, St. Aloysius College on 13-9-2012.
17. Attended a International conference on “Recent advances in material science and technology” conducted by the department of Chemistry NITK ,Surathkal from 17-19 Jan 2013.
18. Attended a two day seminar on basic Science courses-present prospects and future challenges organized by Canara College Mangalore on 5th and 6th Feb 2013.
19. Attended a seminar on “Emerging Trends in Chemical Sciences” conducted by the Department of chemistry, St. Aloysius College on 14, 15 and 16 February 2013.
20. Attended a convention on Higher Education organized by AMUCT on June 30th 2013 at St.Aloysius College.
21. Participated in a lecture workshop on Nuclear Energy for a better Society organized by St. Aloysius College in association with BARC, Mumbai on Dec 12, 13 – 2013
22. Participated in a seminar on Excellence in Jesuit Higher Education held during Nov14,15 – 2014.

Papers Presented (State/National/International)
1. A novel method for the estimation of copper by visual method –NITK Surathkal 17-19 Jan 2013 an International Conference.
2. A novel method for the estimation of copper by spectrophotometer –NITK Surathkal 17-19 Jan 2013 an International Conference.
3. A holistic approach to promote basic sciences at Canaracollege 5 th and 6th Feb 2013 at a State level Conference.
4. Higher Education in D.K. at St. Aloysius College in a National Seminar conducted by Department of History on Feb 14,15 – 2014.
5. Electrochemical synthesis and photocatalyticactivity of ZnO-SnO2 nanoparticles, International conference at IIT, Mumbai
6. Preparation of membranes for the purification of water by reverse osmosis at National Seminar on Optical methods of chemical analysis held on 4th &5th Feb, 2016.
7. Biosorption studies of Nanoparticles obtained from lemon peel at International conference GCNOC, Feb, 27th, 2017.

Research Articles published (State/National/International)
1. Structure, property relationship of new nonlinear optical organic crystals for optical powerlimiting applications, Results in Physics, 7(2017)2550.
2. Synthesis and characterization of zinc-molybdenum oxide photocatalysts using an electrochemical-thermal process – JJ Goveas, RA Gonsalves, P Rao, R Pinto, DAE SOLID STATE PHYSICS SYMPOSIUM 2015 1731 (1), 050107, 2016.
3. Preparation and characterization of chitosan-polystyrene polymer blends – NP Mascarenhas, RA Gonsalves, JJ Goveas, TCS Shetty, V Crasta, DAE SOLID STATE PHYSICS SYMPOSIUM 2015 1731 (1), 140039, 2016.
4. Lead sorption by living biomass of Chroococcusmulticoloratus and Oscillatoriatrichoides:kinetics and equilibrium studies – J Miranda, G Krishnakumar, R Gonsalves, Annals of microbiology 63 (2), 591-605, 2013.
5. Cr 6+ bioremediation efficiency of Oscillatorialaete-virens (Crouan&Crouan) Gomont and OscillatoriatrichoidesSzafer: Kinetics and equilibrium study – R Gonsalves, Jyothi Miranda, G Krishna Kumar, Journal of Applied Phycology 24 (6), 8, 2012.
6. Growth and characterization of an organic NLO crystal: 1-(4-methylphenyl)-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)-2-propen-1-one – V Crasta, V Ravindrachary, RF Bhajantri, R Gonsalves Journal of crystal growth 267 (1), 129-133, 65, 2004.
7. Synthesis of some new biologically active thiadiazolotriazinones–Part IIIBS Holla, BS Rao, R Gonsalves, BK Sarojini, K Shridhara, Il Farmaco 57 (8), 693-696, 22 2002.
8. Synthesis of some new biologically active triazinothiadiazinones – BS Holla, R Gonsalves, BK Sarojini, S Shenoy, INDIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY SECTION B 40 (6), 475-478 10, 2001.
9. Synthesis of some new biologically active bis-(thiadiazolotriazines) and bis-(thiadiazolotriazinyl) alkanes – BS Holla, R Gonsalves, BS Rao, S Shenoy, HN Gopalakrishna, Il farmaco 56 (12), 899-903,38 2001.
10. Synthesis and antibacterial studies of a new series of 1, 2-bis (1, 3, 4-oxadiazol-2-yl) ethanes and 1, 2-bis (4-amino-1, 2, 4-triazol-3-yl) ethanes – BS Holla, R Gonsalves, S Shenoy European journal of medicinal chemistry 35 (2), 267-271, 204, 2000.
11.Synthesis and characterization of some amino acid derivatives of 3-carbethoxy methyl-7- hydroxy-4-methylcoumarin – B Poojary, SL Belagali, KH Kumar, BS Holla, R Gonsalves INDIAN JOURNAL OF HETEROCYCLIC CHEMISTRY 9 (4), 263-266, 2000.
12. Studies on some N-bridged heterocycles derived from bis-[4-amino-5-mercapto-1, 2, 4-triazol-3-yl] alkanes – BS Holla, R Gonsalves, S Shenoy, Il Farmaco 53 (8), 574-578, 113, 1998.
13. Crystal Structure Studies on some N-bridged heterocycles derived from bis-[4-amino-5-mercapto-1, 2, 4-triazol-3-yl] alkanes – 53 (1998) 574–578;(b) S, BS Holla, R Gonsalves, S Shenoy, Ersan, S. Nacak, R. Berkem, II Farmaco 53, 773-776, 71998
14. Studies on arylmethyltriazinone derivatives-Part II. Synthesis and antifungal properties of 2-aminomethyl-4-(arylidene) amino-6-arylmethyl-3-mercapto-1, 2, 4-triazin-5 (4H)-ones – BS Holla, R Gonsalves, MK Shivananda, Bollettinochimicofarmaceutico 137 (3), 93-96, 3, 1998.
15. Synthesis of biologically active bis-[4-amino-5-mercapto-1, 2, 4-triazol-3yl]-alkanes and their derivatives – BS Holla, R Gonsalves, Bollettinochimicofarmaceutico 137 (11), 467-4727, 1998.
16. Synthesis of some new biologically active thiadiazolotriazinones – BS Holla, BK Sarojini, R Gonsalves, Il Farmaco 53 (6), 395-398, 31, 1998.
17. Synthesis of biologically active 4-amino-6-arylmethyl-3-mercapto-1, 2, 4-triazin-5 (4H)-ones and their Schiff bases – B ShivaramaHolla, R Gonsalves, BK Sarojini, Indian journal of chemistry. Sect. B: Organic chemistry, including medical, 17, 1997.

Resource Person
1. Resource person for the Rotary Mangalore North on the topic ‘Rise and fall of Osama Bin Laden’ on May 10, 2011.
2. Resource person for Walk the Talk programme of INSPIRE students at Mahaveera College, Moodubidri on 22-11-2012.
3. Conducted Chem. Magic to the students of Expert Pre university College.
4. Conducted career guidance programme to NSS students of our college during NSS camp on 4th November 2012.
5. Conducted career guidance programme to high school students of Bajal high school on 22nd March 2013
6. Resource person for a IQAC workshop for a government first grade college Bantwal on Sept 09, 2013.
7. Resource person for Integral Formation Programme on July 1,2-2014 at St. Aloysius College.
8. Delivered a lecture on Ozone day Celebration at St. Philomena college, Putter on Aug 26, 2014.
9. Was a resource person at Vivekananda College, Puttur on a workshop conducted for Lab assistants on Oct 13th, 2014.
10. Was a Resource person for organizing Karavali Quiz 2014 on Dec 12, 2014.
11. Conducted classes in Bio-Inorganic Chemistry(1 unit = 16 hours) for PG students of SDM College, Ujire.
12. Coordinator of Integral formation programme Pragathi held at St.Aloysius College (Autonomous) on June 28th , 29th , 2016.
13. Co-ordinator of Integral formation programme Pragathi held at St.Aloysius College on 5th and 6th July 2017.
14. Resource person on Chemistry at one day UGC sponsored workshop on Jan 07,2017.
15. Resource person on green chemistry in the KSCSTE sponsored national seminar on ecofriendly technology and its applications for rural environment held at VimalJyothi Engineering College, Chemperi, Kannur on 12th and 13th May 2016.
16. Coordinator of Integral formation programmePragathi held at ST.AloysiusColleg on June 30th and July 1st 2015.
17. Participated in the National Seminar on Training in Loyola Collaboration organized by Loyola Academy Alwal Secunderabad from 4-6th Oct. 2013.
18. Attended state level conference on Autnomous College-Issues, prospectus and challenges on 20th and 21st Nov 2015 at Mangalore University.
19. Resource person on career counselling for the students and parents of Sharada PU College Mangalore in the month of July 2017.

Awards, Recognitions, Books Written, Publications, Patents, Etc.
1. Was awarded young Scientist Award for the best paper presentation at National Conference of ICC held at Mangalore University in the year 1997.
2. A text book of Chemistry for I PUC students of Karnataka State.
3. A refresher course book for the students of Karnataka State for First PUC.
4. A refresher course book for the students of Karnataka State for Second PUC
5. A text book of Chemistry for the II PUC students of Karnataka State
6. A CET book for Pre-University students
7. A text book of Chemistry for Degree students of Bangalore University
8. A Science Quiz book

Extension Service/Public Service
1. President of SACAA an Alumni/ae association of St Aloysius College
2. Secretary of SACTCC society

Involvement in Expert Bodies outside the College
1. Member of BOS in PG students of SDM college Ujire
2. Life member of the Association of Chemistry teachers of India.
3. Research guide for PhD programme under Tumkur University in Chemistry.

Research Projects
1. A Minor Research Project Titled – Synthesis, Characterization and Biological activities of some 1,2,4 Triazoles and 1,2,4-Triazinone derivatives during 1998-2000
2. A Minor Research project titled – Preparation of NLO materials of organic Schiff bases during