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Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology at St. Aloysius College was established in the year 2000. Since its inception it has to its credit many innovations in teaching and learning, participated and won many events at the intercollegiate and national levels. Students have produced documentaries, journals, etc. Seminars, talks, presentations, group discussions, group projects reviews are regular features of the Department. The department also offers a certificate course in basic skills in counseling for students of Psychology. The Psychology department of St Aloysius College is well furnished with a department library, two well-equipped laboratories, educational models, charts and CDs. The department employs innovative teaching techniques including power point presentations, paper presentations, group discussions, reactions to articles, collaborative learning, peer assisted learning, case analyses, practice journal, self management projects, etc. Besides students are sent on a visit to an Old age home, home for the destitutes, Cancer Hospitals, special schools etc are expected to interact with the inmates and make a psychological analysis of their observations. Vacation clinical exposure program of three to four days at various psychiatric hospitals are carried out. Students have to submit their visit reports comprising objectives/purpose/ analysis/ conclusions. An Annual Journal “Psyche” featuring original work done by the students is brought out regularly. Original research works of students with the assistance of supervisors are also separately published. Moreover Students make documentaries related to the subject and the same are used as a teaching aid.

Services offered by the department
Personal counseling
Aptitude testing and career counseling
Training programs for teachers in behavior management, counseling skills, classroom management
For updates of the departmental activities visit www.alpsyche.wordpress.com

Under following Combinations the subject Psychology is offered at under graduate level
Bachelor of Arts (B.A) – Psychology, Journalism, English Major
Bachelor of Arts (B.A) – Psychology, Sociology, Social Work
Bachelor of Arts (B.A) – Psychology, Sociology, Communicative English

B.A Semester I – Foundations Of Behaviour-I.
B.A Semester II – Foundations Of Behaviour-II.
B.A Semester III – Child development-I.
B.A Semester IV – Child Development-II.
B.A Semester V – Social psychology (opt), Abnormal psychology (opt).
B.A Semester VI – Industrial and organizational psychology (opt), Health Psychology (opt).

Distinguished Alumni
Ms Keerthi Kishore: IIT Bombay (Research Scholar).
Mr Rajesh Naik: IFS Japan.
Ms Stacy Natasha Fernandes: MS Psychology Australia (working as psychologist).
Ms Chaitra Nayak: Counsellor Sharada group of Institutions.
Ms Lovita Natasha: Special Educator, Dubai


Dr Shalini Aiyappa
Assistant Professor, HOD
M.Sc., Ph.D.
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Ms Disharag Shetty
Assistant Professor
M.Sc., KSET.
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