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The department of English was started in 1880 it offers four different programmes at the Undergraduate level. “General English” is a compulsory programme offered to all students from semester I to semester IV of BA, BSC, BCOM and for the first two semesters for BBA and BCA courses. The objective of the programme is to enhance reading and comprehension abilities of students coming from diverse social, cultural and Linguistic environments. Reading materials prescribed as texts for “General English” reflect a variety of themes related to global and local issues of the 21st century.
“Additional English” is a programme offered to NRI and North East Indian students who cannot possibly opt for an Indian language like Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit or Malayalam.
The “Optional English” English Major programme is progressively graded to introduce students of literature to a preliminary understanding of the origins of literature as a knowledge discipline in the initial stage. In the following stages, however, students will engage in a more rigorous critical enquiry into the branches of the discipline now referred to as English literary studies.
The “Communicative English”programme focuses on functional aspects of language as a medium of communication in everyday contexts of business, trade, Media, industry and telecommunication. It is designed to enable students to equip themselves with different language registers and skills.
The department also trains first year Undergraduate students who are comparatively weak in English in a well-equipped ‘language lab’ established with UGC grants. The language lab has forty computers with a central monitoring system. The department also conducts annual seminars and workshops for the staff and students.

Under following Combinations the subject English Major is offered at under graduate level
Bachelor of Arts (B.A) – English Major, Economics, History
Bachelor of Arts (B.A) – English Major, Journalism, Economics
Bachelor of Arts (B.A) – English Major, Journalism, Psychology
Bachelor of Arts (B.A) – English Major, Journalism, Computer Animation.

Additional English (B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, BBA, BCA)
Semester I – English for Enjoyment.
Semester II – Value Added English.
Semester III – English in Interaction.
Semester IV – Cross Cultural Currents in English.

Communicative English
B.A Semester I – Practical English Grammar and Vocabulary.
B.A Semester II – Reading Films / Introduction to Film Studies.
B.A Semester III – Copywriting and Content Development.
B.A Semester IV – Corporate Communication.
B.A Semester V – Call Center Communication (opt).
B.A Semester V – Applied Phonetics (opt).
B.A Semester VI – Interpersonal Communication (Soft Skills) (opt).
B.A Semester VI – English for Print Media (opt).

English Major
B.A Semester I – The 20th Century.
B.A Semester II – The Romantic Age& Victorian Age – I.
B.A Semester III – The Romantic & Victorian Age – II.
B.A Semester IV – Milton, the Metaphysicals and the Neo Classicals.
B.A Semester V – Comparative Drama (opt).
B.A Semester V – Introduction to Literary Theory (opt).
B.A Semester VI – Postcolonialism: African and Indian Writing in English (opt).
B.A Semester VI – Introduction to Linguistics (opt).

Distinguished Alumni
Aadeesh Anand, Research scholar Jamia Milia Islamia, Aligarh.
Alok Bejai, Asst. Professor FMKC, Madikeri.
Asma, Clenical Psycologist, Mangalore.
Aneesa Fathima, Editor, Daiji World.
Abdul Rahman, Animation Consultant.
Dhanashree Vishwanath, Reporter Al-Jazeera.
Deepti Kamath, HR Trainer.
Aditi Shastry, Lecturer, MIT, Manipal.
Govind Padmasurya, Cine Star, Kerala.
Dr Anil Pinto, Registrar, Christ University.


Dr Ratan Tilak Mohunta
Associate Professor, HOD
M.A., PGCTE, Ph.D.
Dr Alwyn D'Sa
Associate Professor, Vice Principal
M.A., Ph.D., PGCTE
Dr Sylvia Rego
Associate Professor
M.A., Ph.D
Ms Severine Pinto
Assistant Professor
M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed
Mr Anup Denzil Veigas
Mr Manuel Souza
Assistant Professor
Mr Dhiraj Sequeira
Ms Rowena K
Mr Aravind Kispotta
Assistant Professor
Ms Neeti Shetty