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B.Voc in Retail Management

With the tremendous growth of the economy, retail management has emerged as one of the fastest growing careers in India. The enormous expansion of the sector has thrown up a big demand for skilled professionals in the field. Job prospects in the retail sector include but are not limited to Customer Sales Associate, Department Manager, Floor Manager, Store Manager, Retail Operations Manager, Retail Buyers and Merchandisers, Visual Merchandisers, Logistic Managers, Warehouse Managers and many more.

Retail Management Semester I – Communication skills-I, Hindi (opt), Kannada (opt), Basic Computer Skills -I, Introduction to Retailing, Elements of salesmanship, Principles of Management, Fundamentals of customer service, Store Operations-1, Project Work on Elements of Salesmanship.
Retail Management Semester II – Communication skills-II, Hindi (opt), Kannada (opt), Basic Computer Skills -II, Stores Layout and Design, Business Organization and Environment, Brand Management and consumer Marketing, Human Resource Management and industrial relation, Store operations-2, Project Work on Stores Layout and Design.
Retail Management Semester III – Soft skills, Health safety and environment, Fundamentals of Indian constitution, Retail management-Functional Principles and Practices, Advertisement sales and promotion, visual merchandising, Marketing for services, Store operations-3, Project Work on Visual Merchandising.
Retail Management Semester IV – Behavioral skills, Human rights &value education, Taxation law & practice in business, Accounting Fundamentals, Retail consumer behavior, Retail supply chain management, Mall management, Store operations-4, Project Work on Mall management.
Retail Management Semester V – Gender equity and value education, Legal and Ethical Aspects of business, Entrepreneurship, General Economics, Marketing management, Customer relationship Management, E-Commerce, Store operations-5, Project Work on CRM.
Retail Management Semester VI – General project management, Inventory management, Industrial & Rural Marketing, Retail logistics management, IT and administration in retail, Operations management, Franchising management, Store operations-6, Comprehensive Viva-voce


Ms Sharon D'Souza
Ms Preema Maria D'Cunha