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B.Voc. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The program is designed to educate and create skilled manpower that can serve the society through the knowledge gained during the course of time. The student enrolling in the course will be benefited in several ways. If a candidate successfully completes first year of study he would be awarded a diploma and he will be capable enough to serve as a laboratory assistant in any industry or academic institution. A candidate completing two successful years in Bachelor of Vocation program will be awarded with advanced diploma. An advanced diploma qualified student in Pharmaceutical Chemistry will be fit for working in ADL, QC and Production department of any pharmaceutical industries. The candidate completing all three years of the course successfully will be awarded with Bachelor of Vocation in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and is fit for getting absorbed in any division of Pharmaceutical Industries.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Semester I – Communication Skills – I, , Kannada (opt), Hindi (opt), Basic computer skills – I, Pharmaceutics (Basic Principles), Basic Organic Chemistry, Practical-Organic chemistry-I, Practical – Inorganic chemistry, Practical – Organic chemistry-II.
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Semester II – Communication Skills – II, Kannada (opt), Hindi (opt), Basic computer skills – II, Pharmaceutical Inorganic chemistry, Fundamental Biochemistry, Indian Drugs Regulatory and GMP, Practical-Inorganic chemistry-I, Practical–Analytical chemistry, Practical–Inorganic chemistry-II.
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Semester III – Soft skills, Health safety and Environment, Fundamentals of Indian constitution, Basic physical chemistry, Cell biology, Analytical chemistry, Practical– Physical chemistry,
Practical- Analytical chemistry, Practical- Cell biology.
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Semester IV – Behavioral skills, Human Rights and Value Education, Fundamentals of Business Law, Medicinal chemistry-I, Basic Microbiology, Advanced Analytical chemistry-I, Practical-Medicinal chemistry, Practical-Analytical chemistry, Practical- Basic microbiology.
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Semester V – Gender Equity and Value Education, Legal and ethical aspects of Business, Entrepreneurship, Medicinal chemistry-II, Applied Biochemistry, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Practical- Phytochemistry, Practical- Applied Biochemistry, Practical- Pharmacognosy and phytochemistry.
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Semester VI – General Project Management, Inventory Management, Principles of Marketing, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical technology, Pharmacology and toxicology, Practical – Pharmaceutical technology, Practical- Pharmacology and Toxicology, Practical-Drug Analysis


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